The Wolfman

by Nuclear Bubble Wrap



Ween cover for the "Mutilated Hits" tribute album.

Ever since I heard the unfinished demo of this song that Deaner gave us from the La Cucarahca sessions, I loved it. But I couldn't help feeling like I wished the song could've been completed. I thought it was brilliant. So this was my vision for what the song "might have" sounded like if Ween decided to finish it. I pretty much had this sound in mind as soon as I heard it. We started by mimicking the guitars, pretty much exactly as they sound on the demo. Then we built on top with layers of guitars, electronic percussion and keys. Double-layered vocals, with each of us on either side of the stereo field, with the "reverse reverb" trick I learned from Mutilated Lips... I kinda feel like it works well as a symbol of a werewolf transformation. Two minds fighting from inside the same body, ya know? Something like that. Although we used a synth dog bark and made a few howling sounds here and there, my dog, Pepper, even makes an appearance at the end.


I could not rip you apart
We're at the table
You were not backing down
I threw up my meal
And screamed at the waiter
Said "man get me out of here"
They took me outside
Sat me facing northward
There was terror in their eyes
My teeth began to change
Blood dripping wet
I was true to the ancient ways

I was now the wolfman
I was God's creation
Never stop the wolfman
Never stop him

There I was
There I was, the naked man
Not waiting for the moon
I'm beating you
Crying like a child
The power felt so good
I wore the jeans that day
I was the coolest guy
I could slice you up
Do my eyes seem dark?
I can run so fast
And I feel so strong
Just get away from me
Just get away

I was now the wolfman
I was God's creation
Never stop the wolfman
Never stop him

I was always the child
Never feeling the range
Of my lonely heart
Something beautiful
Something colorful
Something terrible
Locked up inside

Don't look at my size
Please don't turn around
You shouldn't see what I've done
The night of your body, the pieces of you
Love forever goodnight

I was now the wolfman
I was god's creation
Never stop the wolfman
Never stop him
Never stop him
Never stop him
Never stop him
Never stop him
Never stop him


released March 5, 2016
Jace McLain - vocals, keyboards, drum programming
Kyle Thorne - vocals, guitars, bass




Nuclear Bubble Wrap Nashville, Tennessee

Genre-hopping, humorous psychedelic rock.

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