Psycho Delicacy

from by Nuclear Bubble Wrap



It’s been three weeks since last he showed
And yes he showed just like I knew he would
Preys by my house and then jumps the fence
And then presents me with some old baked goods

These eggs be green but taste the same
Don’t mind your spleen and taste the fame

The house is dark but I hear a voice
I’ve got no choice but try to run away
The light comes on and I see his hat
He wields a spatula and green duct tape

Don’t try escaping from your seat
You’re weak and need to eat
I’ll try to untie you
Once your meal’s complete
Don’t try escaping from your seat
I need your meal critique
Refer this great service
You can’t beat this meat

I woke up later and he was gone
And I was on my bed, he called it quits
No evidence, it makes no sense
No fingerprints, damn those oven mitts

Now I’m setting out to make things right
They’ll be a fight the likes he’s never had
My life can’t end before this story concludes
But hey the food was really not that bad


from Psycho Delicacy, released May 13, 2014
Jace McLain - vocals, keyboards, guitars
Kyle Thorne - vocals, guitars, bass
Eric Zhu - drums




Nuclear Bubble Wrap Nashville, Tennessee

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